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NYC Hearing Associates

Dr. Jessica Frankel, Dr. Shelley Borgia and Kristina Vasquez have Co-founded NYC Hearing Associates, PLLC! Here is the Story of How it all Began…

To begin our blogging endeavors Kristina, Shelley and I thought it fitting to talk about where NYC Hearing Associates came from and our story of how we got here. We knew we were ready to branch out on our own the question was, where do we begin?!  To help us feel less overwhelmed and have a clearer direction, we started writing. Once our business plan was in place, we looked at endless office spaces, started our brand design and began the very difficult process of designing an office with three women who all have very different decorating taste!  After many months, lots of blood, sweat, tears and laughter, NYC Hearing Associates was born.

Our mission and the mission of NYC Hearing Associates is to empower people to better their lives by strengthening their personal and professional relationships through improved communication skills. Our goal is to help people to improve their lives by providing excellent customer service, expertise in programming hearing technology, and always putting the person’s needs first.  To do all of this we first had to find our office:  After looking at many, many spaces we were thrilled to find 110 West 40th Street.  Our new space began as a white box, below find a photo journal of the progress:

We are so happy to have found the perfect office space!

This will eventually become our hospitality suite, our IT room, a fitting room and our exam room with a sound proof booth.

Office before

The beginning of NYC Hearing Associates home base

This will eventually become the waiting room and reception area

We couldn’t wait to get started! Once the beautiful wood floors were down, we met with our Architect and planned out every room and space we would need.  He had some amazing ideas, like our hospitality suite, an extra big IT closet with storage for us, big windows in Kristina and Jessica’s offices and moving the hallway to the opposite side of the room so that we could maximize the natural lighting in our space.


The window cut out in Dr. Frankel’s office to let all of the natural light in.

These beautiful floors are the building standard!

Above see the wood floors going in.

Dr. Borgia Discussing the Hallway with the Architect

We were so excited to see our space coming together! We had to keep pinching ourselves to remind us that this was not a dream, it was all happening, we were living out our dream! Stay tuned for more pictures of our journey and watch as NYC Hearing Associates becomes a reality!