A hearing loop also known as an induction loop, or a T-Coil,  is a a kind of in-the-ear loud speaker that can deliver a customized, clear signal directly into your hearing devices. An induction loop system works by transmitting audio signals directly into hearing devices through a magnetic field.  Because the audio signals are sent directly to the hearing devices, it greatly reduces background noise and reverberation which enhances the clarity of the audio signal.  An induction loop requires that a room be “looped” or surrounded by a wire, then audio input either from a loud speaker or a microphone feed into an induction loop amplifier.  The amplifier plugs into a cable that creates a magnetic field.  Most hearing devices have a program called a telecoil, or T-Coil.  The person wearing the hearing device with a telecoil can pick up the signal that is being broadcast through the magnetic field.  The signal that is broadcast is a high quality audio signal that will be delivered directly into the hearing aid users ears. If you are unsure if your hearing device has a T-Coil program we encourage you to call your audiologist and ask.  Often times if you do not have a telecoil installed it may be possible to add one. Call your audiologist today to find out more. 

You will be able to tell that an induction loop system is installed by looking for this symbol:

Look for this symbol to indicate an induction loop system is installed

You can click in the link below to access a list of places in New York City and the surrounding Burroughs that already have a hearing loop installed.